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If you pressed "Grant", it is necessary to run the "Superuser" app, then open its tab "Settings" and disable notifications Fig. The service writes data in the log. You can be assured that in this case the data will be recorded in the log at most 30 seconds after the event. In the other cases such as a text message sms received or sent, a change made in the contact the data would be recorded in the logs automatically through regular intervals 1 min for sms, 15 min for contact changes. Remember, that if the internal drive memory drops below KB , the application will stop any entries in the log.

After a successful installation, the email which you entered, during minutes wait, please will receive a link with a user name the email address you entered and a password; you can go to this link to see your profile automatically generated in this site and see the information you need from the phone. This information primarily consists of text messages and phone calls, as well as contacts and location details.

The obvious advantage of this application is the ability to control a phone through SMS. With such control SMS, you can enable and disable Internet connection on a phone, turn on and turn off GPS, request for location, and control the frequency of data sending to the server. With the Internet enabled on the phone, data is uploaded to the site automatically through regular intervals.

For an SMS and calls, the minimum interval through which data is sent from the log to the site is 5 minutes; for contacts — 15 minutes; for location data — 15 minutes. Derica Thanks for your share, would you please add the original link if the app is not made by yourself? Thanks a lot for your support. Author , Jan From PC.

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Please sign in to reply. Sincerely Yours, Ashley. Dear friend, Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, You can view real-time on your iPhone. This spy cam compatible with mobile app for both iOS and Android. If you have any question, please let us know, we are very pleased to service for you.

If you have any other problem , please let us know, we are very pleased to solve it for you. Best Wishes. I could connect to 2 cameras at the same time. Love this camera, wished there was a usb-c cable. Sticker is a cover for SD card slot, to make it invisible. To view videos on your iPhone or iPad you need: - Using special Apple card readers.

To view videos on your iPhone or iPad you need to use special Apple card readers. This endoscope camera is compatible with ipad and iphone. The camera was built to save all the data to the micro SD card, which you have to extract and plug into your phone, and SD card will be recognized as a storage device.

For new models with iOS 9 or later use Lightning connector. The operations are almost same. Please contact us by email for any questions. We will help you to set up the camera if needed. You can connect your phone to the hotspot of the camera to live stream but you need to be close to the camera due to the hotspot range. Please feel free to let us know if you have any other questions. Then as the video is received by your phone it is stored to the hard drive location which you've specified as these remote locations.

Thus you get the big box storage for free up to a certain size, and you can buy more storage per month as needed. If you have microsoft office you can get 30 gigs free and buy more as needed. Hello friend, Yes you can keep record on sd card, then view it on computer.

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Excellent for normal light use. What is the name of the app for iPhone?

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Last year the app was recognized as one of the best parental control apps. And there is about 10, parents, who confirm this status of the Pumpic app. If you consider using spyware to track kid's activities on Android device, think again. The thing is, regardless all its advantages, Android is not even close to being a safe operational system. By trying to install an app with the spying functionality on your child's smartphone, you put him or her in jeopardy as many such applications can transfer collected data not only to you but also to a malicious person. Taking into account that today kids may possess more private and personal information on the phone than on a PC, you must do whatever it takes to protect your little ones. If you suspect that somehow spyware found its way to your kid's Android device, pay attention to these main signs of their smartphone being tracked:.

But this should make rings in your head go off and induce you to more thorough checkup. One of the surest ways to investigate the issue is to manually look through the list of the apps installed on your kid's device. If you see applications that you don't recall allowing to download or that have too many accesses they don't really need, pay the closest attention to them and remove.

The thing is, you must have physical access to the device, which is not always possible.

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Another effective method to get rid of Android spyware is to perform a factory reset on the smartphone or tablet. The major disadvantage of this approach is that you'll erase everything else. Also, you can opt to install some anti-spyware app, but their efficiency is yet to be proved.

At the same time, with Pumpic Android monitoring solution, you can remotely check all apps installed on the target device. If any of them seems suspicious, you have the ability to limit its usage or entirely block it. Later, when you get a chance to hold the target phone or tablet in your hands, you can have a closer look at the dubious app and take a decision on whether remove or activate it again. Happily, until you do that, the problematic software will remain blocked, and your child will be protected.

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As I was searching through the web I found out that spyware was illegal due to human rights violation. At the same time, I found out about parental control apps legal and widely used by many parents all over the world. I chose Pumpic and keep using it as my parenting helper.

I worried about his chats on social media. I know that he has a lot of strange people in friends, so I decided to follow what they texted him. With Pumpic parental controls, I can take care of my boy remotely and protect him from many dangers of the Internet like misgiving communication with strangers. I thought that would be a good thing for my own daughter, but I knew that spying was illegal. I looked online for some info and found out that parents were allowed to use parental monitoring to protect their own kids.

Great app. Great opportunities for parents. Pumpic is a unique parental control tracking application for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. It is for ethical and legal use only. Important notice.