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Your ambitions. Like I did mine. Do not be like me. TL:DR I realised I let procrastination and money stop me from pursuing my passions when I was younger, and now I am dead inside, old and tired. Originally posted on Ultimate Man Builder. He helps guys crush personal obstacles to become the kind of men that women desire and men respect. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

People Who Accidently Caught Their Spouse Cheating Horror Story - r/AskReddit

Learn how your comment data is processed. Its not about the cheating.

Its about the deceit. The purposeful decision to lie to the person you committed your life to, and they committed to you. Its a cowardly act of someone not facing up to their problems. She could have divorced before ever cheating, but she chose to hide her actions out of shame most probably. We were both in our early 50s. I was comatosed for 2 years and last year spent physiotherapy to helped me function again.

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We were both financially independent and held high corporate positions. I travelled to 35 countries before my incident, She said she wants to travel to Europe with her divorcee sister in Autumn. She comes home at midnight Mon-Fri saying motivating staff …. I just realised I have less than 15 mins of face time with her every day.

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We both got New day jobs in our new city, miles from our last home. We are living the dream. Best decision!! Just DO it! Damn… i needed this. Thanks for the boost. May have changed my life.

Professor Thinks I Cheated Reddit

I feel for him, really. I wish him prosperty and success throughout his journey that he will be embarking in his lifespan. We are all here to learn from our experience in life due to whatever circumstances that may be. A very strong and soul scratching article, this seems to be the story of every sensitive man who has been dwelling on dreams. Any suggestions how not to fall prey to such fears of future? The cheating was not about him changing making it his fault it was about her looking outside the marriage for what she wanted instead of putting the energy into her relationship.

Did she ever attempt to give him a wake up call? I agree percent so tired of the cheaters putting the blame on the one that was loyal and had self respect because if you had self respect you would not cheat on some one that put there life on hold for you. Not only that but he needs to get out of that hellhole of a marriage ASAP. Regardless of what it might cost financially. How much is respect worth? This story is that of the oppression and exploitation of men as a political class. Our life spans have gone up since then. He could crush it, and do everything he always wanted to do.

I wish him joy of it! You are lucky. Sit down with your son, your wife, express what you feel, ask for forgiveness and then start living. Find an organization to whom you can donate time to, that will allow you to travel and help people around the world and finish your book. Or even better, write a new one.

Tell us your story. We are listening. Why the hell should he ask for forgiveness. You know she could have gotten out of the relationship before a man stuck his junk in her and she betrayed him and her family for a sexual inhibition are you crazy for telling him to ask for forgiveness. If this would have been a female righting this article you would not have advised her to ask for forgiveness. To all of those people writing saying they missed a funeral, forgive yourselves and let it go. Write a letter or say a prayer, you can have a relationship now of love and forgiveness through the time space continuum.

There is only this moment now. That song or scent that comes to you is a sign that you have been heard. Thank you, John. Thank you. Our focus is domestic fair trade and sustainable agriculture. It sounds like John has a tremendous amount of money but his soul is dead. These groups are doing fantastic work to end exploitation in agriculture and of course they are always boot strapped for cash. Financial sustainability and expertise are not the strong points of these organizations but passion, conviction and spirit are.

If John wants wants to find his soul again he needs to work with people who are fully in their souls. That whole world you demand he empower would be quite unperturbed if he put a bullet in his mouth tomorrow. Also, a bunch of scientists were quite happy to do everything to convince us that there are no such things as souls, regardless of the consequences, of course.

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I agree, John Anderson. No one forced her to jump another man. There are a ton of other options she had.. To John the original poster , your life is not over, by any means. You could have another 50 years on this Earth or more. Get counseling and get help making some positive changes.. She was the one who chose to cheat.

If she had issues, she could have asked for marriage counseling or for a divorce or even to talk to her husband about it. Because you were her meal ticket and she liked the money. John, All that you went through, all that you experienced, was not a waste of time.