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You may get a temporary sense of satisfaction from these sorts of actions, but ultimately they can work against you, keeping you in a state of anger instead of focusing on healing and moving on, alone or together. Think before you tell your family, as well. They will likely have strong opinions about what you should do—leave or stay.

But nobody else really understands what goes on in another person's marriage. While you are pondering how you're going to proceed, it's best to keep the details private. You may have some physical reactions due to stress such as nausea, diarrhea, sleep problems too little or too much , shakiness, difficulty concentrating, not wanting to eat, or overeating.

Once the initial shock has passed, try your best to eat healthy foods, to stay on a schedule, to sleep regular hours, to get some exercise each day, to drink plenty of water, and, yes, to have some fun. Blaming yourself, your partner, or the third party won't change anything and it's just wasted energy. Try not to play the victim, either, if you can help it, or wallow in self-pity. It will only make you feel more helpless and bad about yourself. This situation is between you and your partner and should not involve your children at all. Unless you and your spouse have decided to end your marriage, sharing details about an affair will only cause them anxiety, make them feel stuck in the middle, and forced to take sides.

Don't try to get through coping with unfaithfulness alone. Before you make any decisions about whether or not to end your marriage, it's wise to talk to a couple's counselor, who will be neutral and can help you gain insight into what exactly happened. You can ask your partner questions and share your feelings without losing your cool.

An experienced therapist can help you communicate better and process feelings of guilt, shame, and whatever else you might be feeling. If you decide to end the marriage, you 'll know that you tried your best to make it work.

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She waits to see if those feelings will go away. As time goes on and her resolve weakens, her feelings for this other man become stronger. Women are all about feeling. The affair happens when those feelings convince her that infidelity is the right thing to do. A charming new man usually helps speed along the process. Boredom is part of marriage. All relationships have their ups and downs. It should come as no surprise that newly weds are more likely to cheat. They automatically assume the marriage was built on sham-love.

The affair happens soon after. For her, having an affair is easier and more pleasurable than fixing the problems in your marriage, or making an effort to rekindle lost love. Marriage is quickly losing its sanctity. Why should men be the only ones who get to have fun? Tell yourself the truth; is this something you can recover from? Divorce may be the best route. You need to observe your wife and other minute details in her behavior, so that slight changes in her lifestyle can be noticed by you.

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But before I start talking about cheating wife signs, let me take you to some surprisingly haunting facts that are a result of continuous research on marriages and infidelity. Research tells us that, emotionally, it is possible to have feelings for more than one partner, at any point of time.

There exists some biological proofs that long-term monogamy is very difficult to achieve for any human being, although not impossible. Men are more probable to cheat on their spouse than women. Almost everyone admits to have fantasies involving a person s , apart from their spouse.

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The initial stand of being unfaithful is never a rational decision. It is a result of a person's emotional circumstances and problems in his or her relationship. Most of the people are surprised at their own actions as a cheating spouse. I'm sure these facts are convincing enough to be cautious of a cheating spouse.


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Cheating wife signs are difficult to spot at the initial stage, so let me give you a brief about the signs that can be noticed right at the initial stage of infidelity. There are lesser probabilities of a woman cheating on her man, as compared to those in case of men. A woman will rarely cheat just for sexual pleasure. She is more likely to have an emotional attachment with her lover.

8 Tips for Coping When Your Partner Is Unfaithful

Since a woman is more likely to have an emotional affair, she will fall for a man in her social circle - an old friend, a co-worker, a distant friend etc. A woman will give more importance to her love affair since it is most likely to be an emotional one. In case of a one night stand, woman will always cheat for a better looking man. A woman is also likely to believe in revenge cheating, because once in her marriage, her man cheated on her. She turns experimental in bed. One of the best indicators of a cheating wife is her behavior in bed.

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She will either stay away from having sex with you or she might seem to be wanting more of it all of a sudden. She might get very experimental in bed, if she used to be shy and conservative with you earlier. She gives you loads of space.

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Earlier, your wife may have been naggy almost all the time, checking your messages, often calling you at work, trying hard to be in your social circle, and suddenly she starts giving you tons of space out of nowhere! Before feeling happy about getting so much space, let me warn you that this is one of the major signs of cheating in a relationship.

The fact that she has started giving you a lot of space suddenly indicates her own desire of having a personal space in which you have no place.

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  4. A woman who is giving her husband, a lot of space will always expect the same in return to ensure safety while she is cheating on her husband. She becomes secretive. If she becomes secretive about her work schedule, her new friends, her daily goings-on and secures her mobile phone and her laptop secretively like the security in front of The White House, she's probably cheating on you. She might go out to meet her lover secretively and might give you an excuse that she went shopping which you are not so interested in.

    She might also get secretive about her clothes and make up.