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Build a Laser Microphone to Eavesdrop on Conversations Across the Street

Please click 'Accept Cookies' to continue. Accept Cookies Read our Privacy Policy. An invisible laser beam plays the role of a sound-carrying medium.

Testing iXium LISTENING DEVICE. Is it legal?

The device's precision is so high that it is able to reconstruct a conversation on the basis of window glass vibration caused by the sound waves. The laser beam is partially reflected by the window glass and modulated by its microvibrations which makes it a source of information for subsequent conversation reconstruction.

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Unlike many educational and amateur projects, this device is characterized by its reliability, precision, easy installation and high efficiency. It is a key feature in many tactical situations, when the speed of acquiring information in a critical situation is of concern.

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Cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions simply pushes this device close to the limits of physical laws. Compact and modular design makes it very portable and easy-to-install in any place in a few minutes.

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It is also fully adjustable which greatly facilitates aiming it at the right window or a point on a building's wall. No equalization, light preamplifier gain, transmitter and receiver positioned perpendicularly, 20 mm thermopane.

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Optimal equalization and preamplifier gain, system aligned angularly V array , two glass panes 2mm thick with air in between. Be the first to write your review! Laser microphone for discreet eavesdropping - Spectra M.

Aceco FC digital radio transmission locator. Ambient noise generator MNG for protection from all types of eavesdropping. Eavesdropping bug RFBug hidden in the power strip.


Laser spy microphone

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